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Christmas Wreath Fun Facts

We have launched our wreath making workshops this week! It's prompted us to think about why we make and decorate our doors with them other than the obvious that they are fun to create and look beautiful! So after a bit of research it's clear that the origins are a little murky and no one really knows exactly why it became popular to make advent wreaths. At some point in the 1500s in Germany, Lutherans were inspired to decorate with an evergreen wreath. There are lots of theories about whether they were emulating ancient Roman Senator’s laurel wreaths, the wreath prize of an ancient Greek poet and Olympian, or the ancient Egyptian wreath decorations for their gods’ statues. We love that the origins are mysterious and varied. Possibly they were inspired by all these wreaths or just by the fact they wanted to make their homes more beautiful for this special time of year. The early German wreaths decorated the table and contained 5 candles to light on the lead up to Christmas. Now this is probably not a good idea for the front door but adding fairy lights is a lovely way to include the flickering lights without the fire risk! The circle the wreath creates is such a powerful symbol of unending love and how the world keeps turning season after season, year after year. The symbolism doesn’t end there. The evergreens and natural decorations of cones and nuts represent unending life and rebirth. Who knew that by hanging a wreath you were displaying all these powerful messages!! Not everywhere in the world uses these same ingredients, local materials are used in different countries. For example in New Mexico Christmas wreaths are often made of dried Chiles. We hope these fun facts have inspired you to create your own Christmas wreath this year and we would be delighted if you chose to come and make it with us. Check out our COURSES tab to book your place in our November workshops. Goodbye for now, we'll be back next week x

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