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Crafting Friendships

This week we have been thinking about why we want to share our passion for crafting with you.

We find it can be challenging to make time to focus on doing something just because you enjoy it. It can feel like there are always a million other things that you should be doing or things that you want to do because they make others happy. It can be difficult to set aside time to do something that has no purpose other than to bring you joy.

We believe it is so important to allow yourself that time and so we wanted to create a space where you can relax, explore a new craft, have some fun and maybe make some new friends along the way. Whether you discover a new crafting passion, or just have a fun few hours there are so many benefits to making. It is fantastic for reducing stress, building confidence and is the perfect way to relax.

Crafting is also a wonderful way to spend time with friends and build new friendships, whether it is in person at one of our workshops or through crafting groups online. Since starting our crafting businesses a few years ago we have both been lucky enough to meet a network of crafters and build friendships through a shared love of making.

We would love to be able to help others enjoy the benefits of crafting. If you have been inspired to give it a go check out our COURSES tab to book your place on one of our workshops in November and December.

Goodbye for now and we will be back next week x

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