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Crafting with Kids

This week we are spotlighting our new preschool craft courses, so we thought we would share why these classes are so important to us.

Since we started our crafting businesses Squiggy Bee and Felt things we have received so much support, including from our amazing children. They are always full of enthusiasm and bright ideas for what we are making, including truly unique suggestions such as Christmas dinosaurs!

As the kids have been watching our crafting this enthusiasm has spread to them wanting to spend lots of time creating. Whether it is their own felted beauties, designing and painting their own chair, or just making a glorious mess with glue and scissors, they love to craft alongside us.

Having seen this passion for making emerge since they have been surrounded by our crafting, we wanted to spread this joy further and encourage people to bring their own little ones to spend some time with us having crafty fun. By dedicating some time each week to encouraging kids to explore lots of different crafts and creating something they are proud to take home each week, we hope to spark a lifelong love of making.

We also know from our own experience that finding the time and enthusiasm to create at home can be tricky, so we thought that we would provide an environment where you and your little one can relax and enjoy the crafting, and we can do the cleaning up!

If you would like to join us for some messy fun check out our COURSES tab to book your place on our next course, which starts in January 2022.

Goodbye for now and we will be back next week x

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