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Goodbye to 2021

We are so sorry for the silence on our blog for the last few weeks, but it has been a very busy first Christmas for Felty Bee Crafts and all our focus has been on delivering our first courses. So this week we thought we would look back over the last year on what we have achieved and tell you a little about what we have in store for 2022. So here is our run down of our top 5 memories from 2021…

First off, the most exciting moments of 2021 must be when we turned to each other at the end of every workshop, jumped up and down with the biggest and silliest grins on our faces. We were definitely nervous before we got going with the workshops, something new is always daunting, but luckily all our careful planning meant that they went smoothly, and we were blessed with wonderful groups every time.

Secondly, it was the pleasure of seeing every participant going home from the workshop with something they were proud to have produced, often exceeding their expectations of what they could make. Every wreath and snowman were completely unique, with their own personality, which was exactly what we were hoping for. Our ethos is all about providing an environment where you can explore your own creativity and the techniques to make it happen.

Thirdly, we loved listening to and participating in the chatter throughout the workshops. They truly felt like social occasions that were bringing together different groups of people, and we were thrilled to have provided the relaxing environment for this to happen in. It was especially lovely to hear from a number of people that the workshops were treats and rare moments of "me" time in the busy festive period.

Fourthly, we had the most amazing shopping trip gathering all the festive decorations for the Christmas wreaths. It was wonderful to choose lots of different festive ornaments and imagine how people might group them together to create their own unique wreath. From these trays of goodies everyone gathered together their own mix of decorations, so each wreath was truly personal.

And finally, we have had so much fun planning our new 2022 courses and anticipating the joy of sharing new makes and skills with you all. So if you would like to treat yourself or someone else to a few hours of crafty fun check out our COURSES tab to book your place on one of our workshops for 2022.

Goodbye for now and we will be back next week x

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