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Happy Dance

This week we have been so excited that the courses have started to fill up, so we thought we would talk a little about the small business “happy dance”…

You often hear from small business owners about how much each sale means to them, but until starting our own small businesses we must admit to thinking this was partly just talk. Now we fully understand and feel so grateful when people choose to spend their money supporting what we do. So much care and emotion goes into everything that we create, whether it is a physical item or the time spent designing a fun and informative workshop, and every sale or booking seems like recognition of this.

By choosing to shop small and local you are investing in your own community and supporting a local diversity in terms of shops and experiences. Our spending habits have changed in the last few years, with a big shift towards buying from other small and local businesses. It has definitely been exciting to discover how much talent there is in our area!

So, back to the happy dance… This is the embarrassingly bad dancing and leaping that goes on every time we get a booking. The excitement that we have people who want to come and learn to craft with us, and are looking forward to the workshops that we have put so much care into designing. If you have been inspired to have a go at crafting and would like us to do our happy dance check out our COURSES tab to book your place on one of our workshops in November and December.

Goodbye for now and we will be back next week x

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